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1 Million Pounds RTA Compensation for Student Nurse

Posted on: September 3rd, 2010

A nursing student, who was knocked from her motorcycle as she was travelling to her first night shift, has been compensated for the loss of her leg in the road traffic accident.

Lisa Bennett, aged 43, of Upper Parkstone, Dorset was a second year nursing degree student when the accident occurred in December 2004. She was on her motorcycle to St. Ann’s Hospital, Bournemouth when hit by a car, suffering terrible injuries to her right leg, a fractured spine, broken ribs and a broken shoulder.

Surgeons at the hospital could not rescue her leg, and it was initially amputated below the knee before four more similar operations were required to control post-operative infections. The mother of a son – who was twelve years of age at the time of the incident – has since received a prosthetic limb, but still suffers severe pain due the nerve damage sustained in the accident and regularly relies on a wheelchair.

The driver of the vehicle admitted liability, and an initial out of court settlement of 1 million pounds was agreed between Lisa’s legal representatives and the negligent party’s solicitor. However, this was then reduced by 20% as it was claimed by the negligent driver that Lisa had a faulty headlamp on her motorcycle at the time of the accident.