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2.4 Million Brain Damage Compensation Partial Settlement Awarded to Student

Posted on: November 13th, 2010

A university student, who was knocked from his bike by an unsupervised, uninsured learner driver, is to receive a substantial brain damage compensation package for his injuries.

Hamish McCullough, now living in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, was just 24 years old when the cycling accident happened in July 2001. Hamish was cycling near Wantage, Oxfordshire, when he was hit by the wing mirror of a Peugot 205 driven by Gordon Mitchell, of Lambourne, Berkshire.

Hamish sustained a fractured skull and severe brain damage in the fall from his bicycle, and fell into a coma – spending more than a year in hospital. He now needs round the clock care from a team of medical professions.

In the High Court, Mr. Justice Cooke approved a negotiated settlement which includes of an immediate 2,450,000 pounds lump sum and annual index-linked payments of 120,000 to cover the cost of Hamish’s care for as long as he lives.