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Roadworker HAVS Victim Receives 8,750 Pounds Work Claims Compensation from Employer

Posted on: October 26th, 2010

A roadworker, who developed Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome after years of overexposure to vibrating machinery, has been awarded 8,750 pounds in works claims compensation for his injuries.

Deryne Hughes, 52, of Stockton-on-Tees, North Yorkshire, was employed in the roadworks division of CE Electric UK for 28 years. His job  involved digging trenches, laying cables and back filling, using hand rammers, impact wrenches and drills.

Deryne first began noticing numbness and tingling in both hands and wrists in 2007, and these symptoms developed into cramps and pains as he continued with his job. In November 2009, Deryne was officially diagnosed with hand arm vibration syndrome.

In the work injury claims action against his employers, it was claimed that CE Electric UK had failed to conduct a full risk assessment of Deryne’s job, rotate his duties or limit his exposure to vibrating tools. The company admitted liability and a compensation payment was made to Deryne of 8,750 pounds.

Deryne still works for CE Electric UK, but in a position which does not require the use of vibrating tools.

Severe Car Accident Injury Compensation Award Paid Out

Posted on: October 24th, 2010

The High Court in London has awarded what is believed to be the highest ever severe car accident injury compensation package ever awarded in the UK to Chrissie Johnson, now aged 20.

The award was for severe injuries, including brain damage, that occurred in an traffic accident in November 2006, when she was a passenger collided with a lorry on the Epping Road, near Ongar, England.

The family has already been given a compensation payment £2.5 million, with another lump sum of £4m to be paid immediately.  However, the most intriguing element of the compensation award is taxfree payments of £300,000-a-year to cover the costs of providing care for as long as the victim lives.

The total value of the severe car accident injury compensation award has been estimated at  £17 million.

Street Cleaner Cut Finger Award of 3000 Pounds

Posted on: October 22nd, 2010

Hull City Council has been told to pay 3,000 pounds to a street cleaner, injured when provided with inappropriate gloves.

Steven Threlfall, (45) from Bransholme, Yorkshire, was working with Hull City Council as a street cleaner when he cut his finger on a sharp piece of metal left in a bin bag.

The accident, which happened in May 2006, severed the ligament in his little finger, leaving him with a permanently crooked digit and unable to grip properly with his left hand.

After seeking legal guidance, Steven decided to submit a compensation claim for his injury on the basis that the gloves provided by the council were inappropriate for the job and offered insufficient protection.

Hull City Council refuted that they were liable for the injury, but has now been ordered to pay 3,000 pounds in compensation to Steven by London’s Civil Appeal Court.

Welder’s 12,000 Pounds Work Claims Compensation for Hearing Damage

Posted on: October 22nd, 2010

A Midlands welder, who suffered 50 per cent hearing loss after prolonged exposure to noise in a manufacturing plant, has been awarded 12,000 pounds work claims compensation from his former employer.

Stephen Rothwell (50) of Middlewich, Cheshire, had been employed at Henry Smith Constructional Engineering from when he left school in 1976 until 2003. As part of his role, he had to weld steel plates in the noisy steel fabrication plant in Winsford, Cheshire.

However, Stephen was never told that he should have protection for his hearing, and none was ever provided. Due to this, Stephen developed tinnitus and lost 50 per cent of his hearing – he now uses hearing aids in both ears.

After seeking legal guidance, Stephen was tested by audiologists, and a claim was made against his former employers. He has now received 12,000 pounds in work claims compensation after Henry Smith Constructional Engineering admitted liability for the hearing damage.

Operation Debris Leads to 350,000 Pounds Compensation

Posted on: October 19th, 2010

A 36-year-old man has received 350,000 pounds in operation debris compensation after part of a latex surgical glove was left in his throat following hospital surgery.

Wayne Williams, from Tooting, London, was taken to St. Georges Hospital in South West London for heart surgery in June 2006, during which a tracheotomy was performed to enable him to breathe.

After the surgery, Wayne experienced difficulties breathing and was referred back to the hospital for throat surgery, during which surgeons discovered a small piece of latex left behind in his trachea.

The latex debris was found to not only have been the cause of Wayne’s breathlessness, but had also permanently scarred his vocal chords.

St. George’s NHS Healthcare Trust admitted liability for medical negligence and the operation debris compensation settlement of 350,000 was agreed.

Gum Disease Oversight Compensation Award of 10,000 Pounds

Posted on: October 18th, 2010

A woman whose dentist did not notice her gum disease has settled a compensation claim for 10,000 pounds after losing six teeth.

Victoria Walker (34) of Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, has won a five-figure gum disease oversight compensation settlement against a Newcastle dentist after visiting a new dentist when she moved in August 2005, who discovered a severe case of gum disease due to dental neglect.

Victoria had visited her previous dentist every six months over a time period of three years and, despite having regular x-rays as part of her treatment, the gum disease and several other oral problems were never identified.

Remedial treatment involved a deep cleansing process which required four sessions with her new dentist and the removal of six teeth to access the diseased area. Victoria took legal guidance, and a compensation settlement of 10,000 pounds was agreed.

12 Year Old Girl Receives Holiday Injury Compensation

Posted on: October 14th, 2010

A health and safety investigation has led to a 12 year-old Bristol girl receiving 5,000 pounds holiday injury compensation, after she slipped and hit her head into a glass door panel at the Purn Holiday Park in Bleadon, Somerset.

North Somerset Magistrates heard how Geoffrey Bass, Purn Holiday Park’s general manager, had failed to implement safety warnings made by health and safety inspectors prior to the incident in May 2009 in which the girl sustained serious injuries to her face and cuts across her nose and cheek.

The door against which the unnamed girl fell on her holiday at the park did not contain any safety material – such as laminated or safety glass – and the Magistrates heard how she had to undergo plastic surgery after the accident, and it is not yet known whether the deep red scar across her face will ever fade.

Despite improvements which have been made to the holiday park since May 2009, Mr. Bass was fined, ordered to pay costs and compensate the young girl for her injuries.