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Facial Injury Work Compensation of €80k awarded

Posted on: March 19th, 2011

A truck driver, who was struck by a steel wedge, has been awarded 80,000 Euros by the High Court in a facial injury work compensation claim.

Mr Justice John MacMenamin heard how Keith Dowling (38), was almost decapitated as a steel wedge, being used to secure the ballast weight on his trailer, shot from its mounting causing permanent damage to Mr. Dowling’s face.

The wedge, which measured 14 inches by 6 inches, was being hammered in place by a co-worker when the accident happened.

Police Dog Bites Compensation Analysed by BBC

Posted on: March 15th, 2011

A report compiled for the BBC radio program “You and Yours” has analysed payments of police dog bites compensation made by various police forces throughout the country.

The program found that over 770,000 pounds has been paid in compensation for police dog bites over the past three years, with the Greater Manchester Police Force being responsible for the largest total of police dog bites compensation paid at 180,743 pounds.

The statistics, which were supplied in response to a Freedom of Information request, show that of those making a claim for police dog bite compensation, 2,725 were suspects, 155 were members of the public and 196 police dog bite compensation claims were made by police staff.

When shown the figures on the program, Assistant Chief Constable Nick Ingram said: “Police dogs are a valuable and essential resource which, when used effectively, make a valuable contribution to reducing and detecting crime and disorder and building safer communities.”

Council Gardener Wins Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compensation Claim

Posted on: March 12th, 2011

A council gardener has been awarded 60,000 pounds in an out-of-court settlement, after acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome from using vibrating tools in the course of his work.

Andrew Bowler (51) from Selston, Nottinghamshire, has been employed by Nottinghamshire County Council for almost 30 years. During this time he had to use numerous vibrating tools which have contributed to him developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Andrew’s doctor diagnosed the condition in 2008, but since then surgery on Andrew’s hands has failed to reverse the condition and Andrew will be disabled for the rest of his life.

After taking legal guidance, Andrew sued Nottinghamshire County Council for failing to monitor the use of vibrating tools in the workplace, and has now been awarded 60,000 pounds in compensation.

Andrew continues to work part-time for the council, but in a supervisory role where he does not need to use any tools.

Paralysed Police Officer Compensation of 370,000 Pounds Paid

Posted on: March 12th, 2011

A police sergeant, who was on motorbike duty when sustaining horrific injuries in a road traffic accident, has been awarded 370.000 pounds in an out-of-court paralysed police officer compensation settlement.

Steve Ball (43) from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was seriously injured in the head-on crash with another motorcyclist in July 2006, and spent 11 days in hospital after the accident.

Paul had to undergo four operations in which nerves from his legs were removed and transplanted to his shoulder to try to regain movement in his right side. What movement there is four years after the accident is very limited and Paul is still in constant pain.

The other motorcyclist involved in the crash admitted a judgement of error, and payment is to be made by his insurers.

Rib Medical Negligence Claim Settled

Posted on: March 10th, 2011

A woman who awoke from surgery to discover her right arm was paralysed, has settled her claim for rib medical negligence against St. James’s Hospital in Dublin.

Martina Coyne (aged 39) of Castlepollard, County Westmeath, had suffered all her life with the congenital abnormality of an extra rib. The rib caused her to suffer pain and discomfort in the right side of her neck and chest and, in August 2000, she was admitted to the hospital to have it removed.

However, on waking from her surgery, Martina discovered that she could not move her right arm while at the same time it was causing her intense pain. It was alleged in the High Court that Martina had pleaded with her doctors to amputate the arm because of the pain she was experiencing.

After investigation, it was argued, that damage had been suffered to the blood vessels supplying blood to Martina’s arm, and corrective surgery was required to repair the damage caused by medical negligence.

Teenager Awarded 110,000 Euros for Eye Injury Compensation

Posted on: March 5th, 2011

A teenager who suffered an eye injury when his eye was impaled on an exposed milking machine hook is to receive 110,000 Euros in eye injury compensation. Mr. Justice John Quirke was told at the High Court how David Booth, 17, was just eight years of age when he sustained the horrific injury in the milking parlour at his family’s farm in April 2002.

Although David has no recollection of the events leading up to the incident, it was claimed that the defendants – Senior Milking Machine Company Ltd and Stradbally Farm Services Ltd, both of Stradbally, County Laois – were negligent on the grounds that the milking machine was not designed and constructed to a safe standard.

The defendant refuted the claim, brought on David’s behalf through his elder sister Elaine, and also that they permitted an exposed hook to be present on the machine with no consideration of the hazard it presented. The eye injury compensation settlement was approved by Mr Justice John Quirke without admission of liability.

138 Tourists to get Holiday Compensation

Posted on: March 3rd, 2011

138 British holidaymakers who fell ill while staying at the 4 star Riu Miramar hotel in Obzor, Bulgaria, in July 2006 are to receive holiday compensation from Thomson’ s Holidays after a four-year battle for justice.

The claim against the holidaycompany had been made after guests were made to wade through mud and silt to get to the hotel reception, faced poor food hygiene and often suffered a lack of fresh water and electricity due to recent flooding.

The guests who became ill blamed their illness on the appalling standards at the hotel – with many suffering typical symptoms of food poisoning such as stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea. Complaints to the hotel management and Thomson’s representatives were not acted upon.

Thomson’s parent company, TUI UK Ltd, admitted liability just as a two-week trial was scheduled to begin at Birmingham County Court and, although no amounts of individual compensation are yet to be agreed, Judge David Worster passed an interim order for 300,000 pounds to be paid into court.