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Mum, Hit by Ambulance, Awarded 18,500 Pounds Traffic Accident Claims Compensation

Posted on: April 30th, 2011

A mother, who was hit by an ambulance while driving to collect her daughter from work, has been awarded 18,500 pounds in traffic accident claims compensation by Middlesbrough County Court.

Caron Lake (49) from Kirkleatham, Cleveland, was on her way to collect her daughter, Erin (17), from her job at the Kirkleatham Museum near Redcar, when she was hit by an ambulance car driven by experienced ambulance driver Colin Hayden.

Mr Hayden had stated after the incident, which left Caron with back injuries, that he was not sure he had his siren on at the time, because he often turned it off on quiet roads. He also said that he had expected that Caron was going to pull over to the left hand side of the road despite her right hand indicator flashing.

However in court Mr Hayden denied having made his admission of liability and Caron´s counsel had to remind him that he also said that he assumed Caron would not turn into the museum entrance as it was closed.

Deputy District Judge Glenday ruled against North East Ambulance Service Trust, who owned the ambulance driven by Mr Hayden, and awarded Caron 6,000 pounds in damages and 12,500 pounds in costs.

40,000 Pounds Compensation for Abulance Emergency Misdiagnosis

Posted on: April 28th, 2011

The family of a Northumberland woman, who died after being misdiagnosed by an ambulance paramedic, has been awarded 40,000 pounds in ambulance emergency misdiagnosis compensation.

Denise Hopper (40) from Alnmouth, Northumberland, was brought to hospital after being involved in a car crash in December 2007, in which she broke several vertebrae and suffered fractured ribs. The paramedic who tended to her at the scene also diagnosed that she was suffering from dehydration, when in fact she had deep vein thrombosis. Denise then received the wrong treatment on her arrival at the hospital, and two weeks later suffered a heart attack and died.

Following an investigation into her death, Denise’s two children sought legal advice and filed an action against the North East Ambulance Service for failing to demonstrate adequate clinical skills. The North East Ambulance Service admitted there had been a failure to make a correct diagnosis, but did not admit liability for Denise’s death. Nonetheless, a compensation payment of 40,000 pounds for Denise’s children was agreed between legal representatives of the two sides.

Cyclist Fall Compensation of 2,000 Pounds for Pothole Injury

Posted on: April 22nd, 2011

A Yorkshire cyclist, who suffered cuts and bruises when falling from his bike due to a pothole in the road, has received 2,000 pounds in cyclist fall compensation in an out of court settlement.

Peter Lodge (52) of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, was cycling close to his home in October 2008, when the front wheel his bike hit a pothole in the road and he was thrown over the handlebars. Though Peter´s injuries were not serious, as a member of Cyclist´s Tourist Club (CTC) he felt that action should be taken considering the poor state of the road.

As the pothole had been formed around a Yorkshire Water valve, it was ruled that Yorkshire Water were responsible for maintaining that particular part of the road in a safe condition and, supported by the CTC, Peter took legal action against the water company.

Peter has now been awarded 2,000 pounds in cyclist fall compensation, and the pothole has been repaired.

Child Injury Compensation for Accident in School

Posted on: April 10th, 2011

An eight-year-old boy who lost the tip of his middle finger is to receive 24,000 Euros for child injury compensation for an accident in a school.

Circuit Court president, Mr. Justice Matthew Deery, heard how Benjamin Schonfeld of Clonskeagh, Dublin, was just 6 years old when he caught his finger in a door at St. Killian’s German School in January 2009.

Benjamin lost almost 4mm from the tip of his left middle finger, and his injury resulted in a subsequent hooked nail deformity.

Suing the school through his father, Heino, the judge was told that a settlement assessment had been made by the Injuries Board Ireland which both parties accepted.

In approving the compensation settlement of 23,000 Euros with a further 1,041 Euros costs, Mr. Justice Matthew Deery directed the school to pay the settlement into court for Benjamin’s benefit.