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2.5 Million Pound Falling Branch Award for Former Royal Mail Worker

Posted on: June 18th, 2011

A former Royal Mail worker, who experienced extensive brain damage when he was struck by a falling branch, has been awarded 2.5 million pounds in compensation in the High Court.

Jason Thatcher (42) from Woodcote in Oxfordshire, was working in his garden in January 2007, when he was hit on the back of the head by a branch which fell from an overhanging Atlantic Cedar tree. The blow inflicted a severe injury to his brain stem and affected his mobility and communication facilities.

Mr. Justice Eady at the High Court was told how Jason had spent months in hospital, rehabilitation centres and Leonard Cheshire Homes – during which time he had regained his cognitive function – and now wanted to return to home to his wife Sharon and two children.

The award of falling branch compensation, which was made against the landlords of the property – the Sovereign Housing Association – was approved without admission of liability from the alleged negligent party. It will allow Jason and his family to move into a specially adapted house and provide for life-long care.

Manhole Cover Trip Settlement for Man

Posted on: June 11th, 2011

A man, who sustained injuries to his legs when tripping over a manhole cover, has won an undisclosed manhole cover trip compensation settlement from Sheffield City Council.

Keith Unwin (62) of Gleadless, Sheffield, was walking over grassland to get to his garage in February 2010, when he tripped over a broken sewer manhole cover and badly injured his legs and shins.

Complaining to Sheffield City Council that the grassland was poorly maintained, Keith was told that the authority was not responsible for his injuries and was advised that an alternative footpath existed which he should have utilised to access the garage.

However after taking legal advice, and photographs of overgrown footpath which also suffered from broken street lighting, the authority admitted liability and agreed the undisclosed compensation amount.

Unguarded Trapdoor Fall Victim Awarded 20,000 Pounds Compensation

Posted on: June 9th, 2011

A London courier, who sustained multiple injuries when falling through an unguarded trapdoor at the Albannach Whisky Restaurant Bar near Trafalgar Square, is to receive 20,000 pounds in personal injury compensation.

Ian Barnes, from Gunthorpe in Cambridgeshire, was completing a delivery to the London pub in April 2009, when he fell through a trap door that had been left open. Crashing heavily into the cellar below, Ian broke his back and tore his cruciate ligament in his knee. His injuries needed major surgery and a long period of rehabilitation.

After seeking legal guidance, Ian, who runs his own delivery company E & C Barnes Courier Services, sued the Albannach Whisky Restaurant Bar for the injuries he sustained in the accident and for lost earnings during his recovery. In an out-of-court settlement, the city bar accepted it´s liability and agreed on the 20,000 pounds settlement.

Seven Figure Medical Negligence Compensation Award Anticipated

Posted on: June 9th, 2011

A ten-year-old child, who was brain damaged at birth due to alleged hospital malpractice, has won his battle for medical negligence compensation.

Joseph O’Reggio from was born in April 2001. Before his delivery, Mr Justice Tugendhat was told at London´s High Court, Joe was deprived of oxygen and suffered brain damage as a result.

The results of this birth injury left Joe suffering from cerebral palsy, wheelchair bound and suffering from severe learning difficulties. The Court was also told how Joe is  not able to speak or feed himself.

It was alleged in an medical negligence compensation action against the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust that medical staff should have realised earlier that Joe was in distress and brought forward his delivery.

Though the NHS Trust did not accept that Joe´s injuries were caused by medical negligence, they agreed on the day prior to the trial was due to commence to admit 80 per cent liability for the claim, which will now go for assessment of damages.

Mr Justice Tugendhat gave approval for the medical negligence compensation agreement, stating his sympathy and best wishes to Joe´s parents.

Slip in Asda Store Results in 10,500 Pounds Injury Claims Compensation

Posted on: June 7th, 2011

An Asda shopper, who slipped on a grape and injured his back, has won a three year fight for injury claims compensation.

Thomas Wardle of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was shopping in the Rivergate branch of Asda in January 2008, when he slipped on a grape that had been left on the floor in an aisle and fell to the ground – badly injuring himself in the process.

After seeking legal guidance, Thomas sued Asda – claiming that their lack of cleanliness had caused pain and suffering – and, at Peterborough County Court, a judge ruled in Thomas´ favour, awarding him 10,500 pounds in compensation and criticising the supermarket´s general record on health and safety.

The judge´s ruling may influence two further cases scheduled to be heard in Peterborough County Court later this year – both against the Rivergate branch of Asda, and both for injuries sustained due to a lack of cleanliness in January 2008

Hair Dye Reaction Compensation Approved

Posted on: June 4th, 2011

A teenage boy, who sustained a severe allergic reaction and hair loss after a hair colouring treatment went wrong, has had a compensation settlement of 12,500 Euros approved in the Civil Circuit Court. The unnamed boy, now 17 years old, had gone to Peter Mark Hair Stylists of St. Stephen´s Green, County Dublin, in October 2009, to have highlights he had previously in his hair removed in order to allow his hair to return to its natural colour.

However, after the treatment, the boy’s hair started to drop out and he developed spots, ulcers and a swelling on his scalp. He also experienced a reaction which resulted in a severe skin irritation that spread across his forehead and down to his eye level.

Mr Justice Matthew Deery at the Civil Circuit Court was told that the boy´s reaction had not lasted long due to being prescribed steroids to counter the effects of the treatment and that Peter Mark Hair Stylists had offered the boy 12,500 Euros in compensation plus special damages of 1,915 Euros and the costs of his claim.

DePuy Claims Action for Blood Poisoning Injury Made

Posted on: June 3rd, 2011

A claim for DePpuy claims action for blood poisoning injury has been made by a woman who received her DePuy ASR hip replacement system as recently as November 2009.

The Depuy claims action, taken by Delores Hatcher from Wheeling, West Virginia, follows the results of a blood test in April 2011 which indicated high levels of chromium-1 and meta-cobalt in her blood – known causes of cardiovascular injury and neurological conditions such as headaches, confusion and cognitive decline, and possibly carcinogens which could lead to the development of cancer.

Delores added her DePuyclaim to the growing number of Depuy compensation claims following the hip recall of August 2010 after visiting her doctor complaining of pain around her left hip and difficulty in walking. Both Delores and her doctor were overwhelmed by the outcome of the blood tests as the hip replacement was fitted in November 2009 and had failed in a short period of time.

In her DePuy claims action for blood poisoning compensation, Delores also accused Johnson & Johnson – the parent company of DePuy Orthopaedics – of hiding known defects with the faulty hip replacement systems and alleges that they aggressively marketed the faulty hip replacement systems by paying kickbacks to medical supplies purchasers and orthopaedic surgeons.