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Compensation for Fatal Asbestos Injury for Widow

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012

The widow of a man who contracted mesothelioma cancer from the lagging of water boilers has been awarded 290,000 pounds in compensation for fatal asbestos injury one year after her husband´s death.

David Bean from Shepton Mallet in Somerset worked as a boiler engineer for Bristol Water until 1992; during which time his duties included attending pump stations which housed water boilers protected by asbestos cement lagging.

In September 2010, David started to suffer from chest pains, coughing and some breathlessness, and was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer.

Within six months David had passed away at the age of 73 and, after seeking lega guidance, David´s widow – Jean – made a claim for compensation for fatal asbestos injury against his former employers.

It was alleged in the compensation for fatal asbestos injury action that David was not provided with protective masks or clothing, or warned by Bristol Water of the risks posed by disturbing and inhaling asbestos fibres.

After an investigation into historic health and safety procedures, Bristol Water admitted liability for David´s exposure for asbestos and a settlement of compensation for fatal asbestos injury was negotiated between the company and Jean´s legal representatives.