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Compensation for School Pupil Accidents Cost Essex County Council £222,137

Posted on: March 20th, 2013

According to figures acquired by the East Anglian Daily Times, Essex County Council paid £222,137 to settle claims for compensation for school pupil accidents between 2008 and 2010 .

These school accident compensation settlements – which were revealed under a Freedom of Information request – are comprised of seventeen successful claims for students injured at school during the three year period – with a number of compensation claims for student accidents still outstanding from 2011 and 2012.

Among the highest settlements of claims for compensation for school pupil accidents:

• £30,544 for a school pupil injury due to tripping on a step
• £28,972 for a child who injured his face on a school window ledge
• £27,780 for a slipping on a school floor
• Separate settlements of £24,650 and £23,580 in respect of claims for a student falling from school climbing equipment

Essex County Councillor, Julie Young, said that, due to the figures, some parents might be worried by the number of injuries sustained by students in the county´s schools – and insisted more should be done to improve the Essex schools health and safety standards. In relation to the compensation for school pupil accidents in Essex she stated “It is my understanding the council offers training but I question whether there is enough analysis done. I think more needs to be done.”

A Essex County Council spokesperson commented “Essex County Council takes its health, safety and wellbeing responsibilities seriously and is committed to complying with its legal, moral and financial obligations”.

Airport Baggage Handler Back Injury Compensation Claim Resolved Out of Court

Posted on: March 1st, 2013

A worker at Stansted Airport, who sustained a debilitating back injury after a luggage vehicle accident, has settled his airport baggage handler back injury compensation claim against his employers out of court.

Sixty-four year old Mr Mick Draper from Braintree, Essex, sustained his serious back injury while working for air freight firm Swissport in March 2009. A buggy, used for pulling trailers packed full of baggage, collided with Mick while he was moving an empty trolley, throwing him several feet onto a nearby luggage chute.

Mick continued to work at the airport for several weeks even thought he was in some pain. One morning in April 2009 he awoke to find that he was unable to move when he woke up. After being sent by his doctor for appropriate physiotherapy, specialists diagnosed Mr Draper as having three broken bones in his back. He had to undergo a series of re-constructive procedures; despite which he still finds it painful difficult to walk, lift and complete basic domestic tasks.

An official enquiry into the airport accident showed that the buggy driver who lost control of his luggage vehicle had been worked shifts of seventeen hours for the eleven days in the lead up to the accident – despite warnings from Mick’s union to the Swissport managers that this was unsafe. On being informed of this Mick visited a solicitor and made a baggage handler injury compensation claim against his employers.

Swissport admitted that they had placed the health and safety of their baggage workers at serious risk by allowing employees to work such long hours and settled Mick´s baggage handler injury compensation claim for an undisclosed sum out of court.