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Court Approves Settlement of Overseas Bike Accident Injury Compensation

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013

A court in Birmingham has approved a £6.1 million settlement of overseas bike accident injury compensation for a former sales director at IBM who was involved in a horrendous accident in Germany.

Shane Booth (39) from Solihull in the West Midlands was on a motorcycling holiday in Germany when the bike accident occurred in August 2009. As Shane and a colleague were returning to their accommodation in Baden-Baden, a tractor heading in the opposite direction turned left immediately across Shane´s path – giving Shane no opportunity to avoid a collision.

Shane suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries as a result of the accident, and brain damage so severe that he remained in a coma in a German hospital for several weeks before regaining consciousness and flying back to the UK to continue his recovery in Coventry Hospital.

As soon as he was sufficiently recovered, Shane was transferred to Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital, where spent two years in an intensive rehabilitation program to help him learn to walk again and recover his speech.

After seeking legal advice, Shane made a claim for overseas bike accident injury compensation against the driver of the tractor – who had been convicted of causing bodily harm by negligence after a police investigation had found him responsible for causing the accident.

With liability not in doubt, the only issue that remained to be resolved was how much injury compensation for an overseas bike accident Shane was entitled to for his personal injuries, the cost of his medical treatment and to recover his lost income and opportunities, as Shane will never be able to work again.

Eventually Shane´s overseas bike accident injury compensation claim was settled for £6.1 million and last week the settlement was approved by Birmingham High Court. Shane commented after the hearing “While I do get frustrated with needing support to do simple tasks, looking back at pictures of me, I recognise how extremely lucky I am to even be alive”.