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Holiday Camp Food Poisoning Claim Made after Butlins Deny Liability

Posted on: June 12th, 2014

A group of holidaymakers, who were struck down by the norovirus stomach bug during a trip to Butlins, have made a holiday camp food poisoning claim for compensation after Butlins denied liability for their injuries.

Between May and July 2011, more than two hundred holidaymakers were diagnosed as suffering from the norovirus stomach bug after holidaying at the Butlins holiday camp in Bognor Regis, West Sussex – among them members of two special needs groups, Mencap Hillingdon North and the Ealing Handicapped Irish Dancers Association.

The stomach bug – which manifests as vomiting and diarrhoea – is highly contagious, and the holidaymakers affected by the illness claim to have seen flies on and around uncovered food, and pigeons on tables which were later used for the service of meals.

The group also claim to have been served undercooked food, and allege that the level of sanitation at the resort was below an acceptable standard – with some claiming that the smell of raw sewerage was evident around the resort and that the swimming pool was cloudy “with slime around the edges”.

After seeking legal advice, Butlins´ parent company – Bourne Leisure – were approached with a claim for holiday camp food poisoning compensation, but the company denied its liability for the norovirus outbreak and said it would defend any holiday camp food poisoning claim that was made against it.

Consequently, legal representatives of the injured holidaymakers have now filed papers with the Birmingham County Court; claiming that the victims of holiday camp food poisoning had been left with no alternative but to seek justice for their ruined holidays.

 A spokesman for the Butlins holiday camp at Bognor Regis said: “We operate our resorts to the highest health and safety standards and work closely with the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that our guests’ safety takes priority.”

However, the holidaymakers intend to take their holiday camp food poisoning claim to court unless a satisfactory settlement can be negotiated beforehand.

Woman´s Claim for Fractured Back on Holiday Settled by Negotiation

Posted on: June 5th, 2014

A woman, who suffered a debilitating back injury due to the negligence of a tour boat operator, has settled her claim for a fractured back on holiday out of court.

Fifty-three year old Carol Smith was on holiday in Mexico with her husband in June 2011 after coming through a session of radiotherapy treatments to help her beat cancer. As the highlight of the holiday, the couple had pre-booked a boat trip to swim with whale sharks; but, as their boat headed out into the Cancun sea, the weather changed dramatically and started to become stormy.

As the wind created ever-growing waves, several of the passengers aboard the boat were sick and the captain was asked to cancel the trip and head back to shore. The requests were refused and an hour into the trip the vessel was struck by a freak wave which catapulted Carol out of her seat. Carol landed awkwardly against the solid plastic seat and knew immediately that she had damaged her back.

Carol spent the rest of the boat trip trying to keep as still as possible and held on firmly to the side of the boat until it returned to shore. The holiday had been ruined and, on her return to the UK, Carol had an x-ray on her back which revealed it was fractured in two places. Carol was admitted to hospital for three weeks and had to wear a special back brace for a further eight weeks once she was discharged.

Carol and her husband sought legal advice, and subsequently made a compensation claim for a fractured back on holiday against the tour operator through whom the couple had booked their holiday – Thomson Holidays. The couple alleged in their claim that the whale shark excursion offered by the holiday company had been unsafe.

After conducting their own investigation, Thompson Holidays admitted liability for Carol´s injuries and agreed to an undisclosed settlement of her claim for a fractured back on holiday.