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Injury Compensation for a Fall on a Bus Awarded to 82 Year Old Woman

Posted on: January 20th, 2015

An 82-year-old woman, who injured her shoulder when a bus pulled away too quickly from a bus stop, has been awarded £10,000 injury compensation for a fall on a bus at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

In May 2013, Mary Steel (82) from Dunoon in Argyle had just got on a privately-owned McGill´s bus at the Braehead shopping centre in Glasgow, and was trying to find a seat, when the driver of the bus pulled sharply away from the bus stop.

Mary lost her balance and fell, causing her to sustain injuries to her shoulder when she landed. Paramedics treated her on the bus and then took her to Glasgow´s Southern General Hospital, where x-rays revealed that no bones had been broken.

Nonetheless, the pain in Mary´s shoulder continued and she started suffering from depression. After seeking legal advice, Mary made a compensation claim for a fall on a bus, alleging that McGill´s Buses were liable for her injuries due to their driver´s lack of care.

The case went to the Court of Session in Edinburgh, where it was heard by Judge Lady Stacey. Solicitors acting on Mary´s told the judge the circumstances of the accident, and argued that Mary should be entitled to injury compensation for a fall on a bus.

Judge Lady Stacey agreed with Mary´s solicitors and said: “In my opinion the defender´s driver failed to ensure that a passenger who had been seen by him to be elderly and unsteady was seated before moving off. In doing so, he acted contrary to the defender´s policy and in breach of common law”.

The judge found against McGill´s Buses – stating that The movement of the bus while the pursuer was not seated caused her to lose her balance and fall” Judge Lady Stacey said that the company was liable for Mary´s injuries due to the negligence of their employee and awarded Mary £10,000 injury compensation for a fall on a bus.