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Solicitors Pursue Compensation for a Mechanic Injured at Work

Posted on: October 26th, 2016

Solicitors are pursuing compensation for a mechanic injured at work due to a transit van driving over him while he was cleaning out a car inspection pit.

The thirty-four year old mechanic – Stuart Currey from Morecambe in Lancashire – was cleaning out a car inspection pit at his employer´s workshop, when a young apprentice who was unaware of Stuart´s presence drove a transit van over the top of the pit.

Stuart was dragged under the transit van for ten metres and suffered horrific injuries. After colleagues jacked the van up off of him, Stuart was air-lifted to the Royal Preston Hospital suffering from fractures to his pelvis, hips, spine, shoulder and ribs.

Stuart remained in hospital for five weeks over the Christmas of 2014 and was discharged on New Years Eve. He still uses a wheelchair and crutches to move around and, due to his pelvis and hip injuries, now has one leg shorter than the other.

Stuart and his wife sought legal advice to see if he was entitled to compensation for a mechanic injured at work. At the same time, the Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into Stuart´s accident and prosecuted his employer – Pye Motors Ltd. – for failing to implement measures that could have prevented the accident.

Earlier this week, representatives of Pye Motors Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 at Preston Magistrates Court. Although sentencing of his employer will not take place until January 2017, the admission of liability will allow Stuart´s solicitor to push forward with his claim for compensation for a mechanic injured at work.

Speaking after the hearing, Stuart told reporters: “The injuries I suffered have had a huge impact on my family too, particularly my daughters. I’m glad Pye Motors has pleaded guilty to the charges brought by the HSE and hope that this is the first step to drawing a line under this traumatic time and that it will allow me to start rebuilding my life and focusing all my efforts on my recovery.”

Holidaymakers Claim Compensation for Illnesses from a Contaminated Hotel Pool

Posted on: October 11th, 2016

Seventeen holidaymakers are claiming compensation for illnesses from a contaminated hotel pool following all-inclusive holiday on the Greek island of Zante.

The affected holidaymakers all stayed at the Marelen Hotel in the popular resort of Kalamaki during August this year. They allege that during their stay they suffered sickness and stomach cramps due to the hotel swimming pool being contaminated with Cryptosporidium – a microscopic parasite that is known to thrive in poorly maintained pools.

The claimants have alleged that conditions at the hotel were unhygienic, with several reporting faecal matter in the swimming pool. Other affected holidaymakers have said they saw staff cleaning the pool area with brushes, and then rinsing the brushes in the pool. None of the holidaymakers saw any deep cleaning of the pool or water testing being conducted.

One of the holidaymakers who believes she contracted an illness from the contaminated hotel pool is Rosanna Crowley (27) from Kettering in Northamptonshire. Rosanna was staying at the resort with her partner and two young children – all of whom suffered similar symptoms. She told her local newspaper: “As soon as I started feeling unwell I just knew it was bad. And then one-by-one we all came down with it.”

On the family´s return to Northamptonshire, they were examined by their GP. The cause of their illnesses was confirmed as Cryptosporidium and, due to the breeding habits of the parasite, her house had to be inspected by Environmental Health Officers. Now Rosanna and her family – along with the other affected holidaymakers are claiming compensation for illnesses from a contaminated hotel pool against the tour operator through whom the holiday was booked – Thomas Cook.

The solicitor acting on behalf of the claimants commented it was deeply concerning that this number of holidaymakers fell ill at the same time, at the same hotel. He added that the purpose of the claim for compensation for illnesses from a contaminated hotel pool was not only to recover compensation for those who had their holiday ruined, but also to ensure that steps are taken by Thomas Cook to ensure the same thing does not happen again.