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Air Con Water Slip Holiday Compensation Awarded

Posted on: February 25th, 2013

A woman who fell on water which had been released leaked from an air-con unit while she was holidaying in Tenerife has been awarded £37,000 air con water slip holiday compensation.

Mrs Sylvia McNicholl (49) from North Lanarkshire, was her first night staying at the Fanabe Costa Sur Hotel in Tenerife when her air con leak slip occurred in May 2008.

During the night she awoke to help her three-year-old son to go to the toilet. It was at this time that Sylvia slipped on water which had leaked from an air conditioning unit and fell, injuring her head on the cupboard door.

Sylvia was left in an unconscious state by her slip on the water. She also needed stitches to stop the head wound from bleeding. However, the effects of her slip were not temporary and she still suffers from pains in her head and some dizzy sensations as well as losing some of her senses of taste and smell.

When she returned to the UK from her family holiday, Sylvia sought legal counsel, and found that she could make a personal injury claim for air con water slip holiday compensation as the hotel did not have proper records regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the air conditioning system as they were required to do under Spanish law.

The holiday company through who Sylvia booked the family holiday in Tenerife – Thomas Cook – acknowledged that they were liable for Mrs McNicholl’s injury and the two parties agreed a settlement of £37,000 in air con water slip holiday compensation to account for her suffering at the time of the accident, the cost of the ruined Tenerife family holiday and a contribution towards her loss of earnings and ongoing everyday care needs.