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Broken Nose Accident Claim Settled for Wedding Guest

Posted on: December 3rd, 2011

A wedding guest, who suffered a broken nose when an automatic door at the hotel reception closed on her face, has settled her claim for broken nose accident compensation for an undisclosed figure.

Martina Fivey (41) picked up the injury while attending her sister’s wedding reception in February 2008. It was claimed in her compensation action against the hotel and Boon Edam Ireland Ltd – the company who fitted the doors at the hotel – that while she was waiting for her husband to join her, one of the doors had closed by itself, hitting her in the face and causing her to sustain a broken nose injury.

Martina, who had a history of nasal problems dating back to 2005, had to undergo surgery to have her nose put back into place and suffered seruis facial bruising due to both the accident and the subsequent operation. Judge Jacqueline Linnane at Dublin Circuit Civil Court heard that both defendants disputed Martina´s claim for broken nose compensation, but after hearing evidence from the claimant was told that the two sides had reached agreement on a broken nose compensation settlement and that the case could be struck out.