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BT Engineer Asbestos Compensation of 115,000 Pounds Awarded

Posted on: December 19th, 2010

A Wiltshire man, who contracted mesothelomia cancer while employed by BT in a former secret government bunker in Corsham, is to receive 115,000 pounds asbestos compensation from the company.

Bernard Mottram, now 82, installed telephone lines in the 1990’s in the 35 acre underground complex, and alleged that the mesothelomia cancer he now suffers from is directly connected to asbestos in the site, which was originally equipped during the Cold War in case of nuclear attack.

Bernard, who resides in Bath in Wiltshire and has only months to live, also alleged that BT were negligent by not telling him that asbestos was present in the complex, and by failing to provide any safety equipment or asbestos-related training.

BT deny that Bernard’s sickness is due to asbestos being present at Corsham, but have agreed to an asbestos compensation settlement of 115,000 pounds for non-specific exposure during his employment with the company.