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Burn Injury Roofer Awarded 6,000 Pounds Compensation

Posted on: September 10th, 2011

A former roofer, who suffered serious burns to his arms and face when a hired gas container burst into flames due to a faulty regulator, has agreed to 6,000 pounds burn injury compensation.

Victor Barrell (aged 65) of Northam, North Devon, was fixing a hole on the roof of his daughter´s stable in Barnstaple when the accident happened in August 2009. Victor was using a roofing torch when the gas bottle it was attached to exploded into a massive fireball – setting Victor alight and forcing him to jump from the 12 foot high roof.

Luckily for Victor, his quick-thinking brother-in-law extinguished the fire with a hosepipe and then filled up buckets of cold water for Victor to place his scalded arms into. Victor was taken to North Devon District Hospital and from there onto the burns unit at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol where he received months of treatment in order to minimise the damage from the fire.

After taking legal advice, Victor sued the shop from which he had hired the faulty gas bottle, and two years later has received 6,000 pounds personal injury compensation in an out-of-court settlement.