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Professional negligence solicitors enable you to recover compensation when you have suffered a loss, an injury or the deterioration of an existing condition due to the negligence of a professional who owed you a duty of care. Solicitors who provide legal representation in professional negligence compensation claims will engage the services of experts in their field to support your claim for professional negligence and ensure you receive the maximum settlement of professional negligence compensation. For specific legal advice about compensation claims for professional negligence, call and speak directly with a professional negligence solicitor.

12 Year Old Girl Receives Holiday Injury Compensation

Posted on: October 14th, 2010

A health and safety investigation has led to a 12 year-old Bristol girl receiving 5,000 pounds holiday injury compensation, after she slipped and hit her head into a glass door panel at the Purn Holiday Park in Bleadon, Somerset.

North Somerset Magistrates heard how Geoffrey Bass, Purn Holiday Park’s general manager, had failed to implement safety warnings made by health and safety inspectors prior to the incident in May 2009 in which the girl sustained serious injuries to her face and cuts across her nose and cheek.

The door against which the unnamed girl fell on her holiday at the park did not contain any safety material – such as laminated or safety glass – and the Magistrates heard how she had to undergo plastic surgery after the accident, and it is not yet known whether the deep red scar across her face will ever fade.

Despite improvements which have been made to the holiday park since May 2009, Mr. Bass was fined, ordered to pay costs and compensate the young girl for her injuries.

Deadly Drug Error Led to Patients Death

Posted on: September 15th, 2010

The family of Albert Matthews, 65, previously of Broseley in Shropshire, have agreed a 15,000 pounds medical negligence compensation settlement with the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust, after they admitted medical negligence which led to Mr. Matthews’ death.

Mr Matthews had been taken to the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford in September 2006, complaining of a shortness of breath. He was diagnosed with pneumonia in his upper lung, taken to hospital and given Tramadol and Haloperidol.

His condition continued to deteriorate, and several days later he was given 4mg of the painkilling drug Lorazepam. The cocktail of painkillers and sedatives put Mr Matthews into respiratory arrest, which lead to cardiac arrest and he died the next day.

In the medical negligence case against the hospital, it was claimed that these three drugs were known to affect breathing when administered together, and that Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust had failed in their duty of care towards Mr. Matthews.

The Trust initially refuted the claim – stating that appropriate medical treatment had been given – but have now admitted that the combination of drugs did lead to Mr. Matthews’ premature death and have apologised to the family as well as agreeing to a compensation payment of 15,000 pounds.