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Traffic accident claims solicitors enable you to recover compensation when you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a traffic accident due to the negligence of a person or persons who owed you a duty of care. Solicitors who provide legal representation for traffic accident compensation claims look beyond the initial trauma that has been suffered and consider what the long-term implications of the traffic accident injury may be – not only for you as the victim, but for those around you who may have to provide support for you during your recovery from an injury. To get specific, individual advice about compensation claims for a traffic accident injury, call and speak directly with a traffic accident claims solicitor

Claim for Injuries in a Head-On Collision Settled Out-of-Court

Posted on: June 2nd, 2015

A claim for injuries in a head-on collision has been settled out-of-court for an undisclosed amount following the intervention of the victim´s union.

Nick Brancher (37) from Saltash in Cornwall was driving eastbound along the A38 near Bodmin in April 2013, when a car travelling at 50mph in the opposite direction swerved across from the westbound carriageway and hit two other vehicles before crashing head-on into Nick´s seven-seater people carrier.

Nick – who had dropped his nine-year-old daughter off at school just a few minutes earlier – was taken to hospital with a fractured left elbow and extensive soft tissue injuries to his ribs, back and neck – the full extent of the soft tissue injuries failing to manifest for two weeks after the accident.

Although Nick was able to return to work as a maintenance team leader two days after the accident, he was only able to perform light duties for several months. His injuries also prevented him from pursuing his hobbies of Ju Jitsu, kayaking, climbing and cycling.

After seeking legal advice through his union representative, Nick made a compensation claim for injuries in a head-on collision against the negligent driver of the car that smashed up his people carrier. Liability for Nick´s accident and injuries was admitted by the negligent driver´s insurance company, and a settlement of Nick´s compensation claim for injuries in a head-on collision was negotiated.

Speaking after his claim for injuries in a head-on collision had been settled, Nick told his local press: “The other driver had lost control and hit two other cars before we collided head-on, it all happened so fast. I‘m just very grateful my daughter wasn’t in the vehicle with me”.

Rob Miguel – the regional officer at Unite’s Plymouth office, who assisted Nick with his claim for injuries in a head-on collision – said: “Our member sustained a series of injuries because a driver wasn’t concentrating. The level of injuries could have been far worse, but nevertheless the accident was still a serious one and went on to affect our member’s life for months after the crash”.

Dangerous Driver Told to Pay Injured Motorcycle Passenger Compensation

Posted on: April 24th, 2015

A man, who dangerously rode his motorcycle out from a side road and caused an accident, has been told to pay his injured motorcycle passenger compensation of £2,000.

Mark Holmes from Slaithwaite in West Yorkshire was finishing his shift as a barman in the town´s Commercial pub when, on 8th March, he offered his friend Joshua Pierce a ride home on the back of his motorcycle.

Holmes gave Joshua a high visibility jacket and his helmet to wear. However, as the driver and his passenger started their journey, Holmes pulled out from a side road into the main Manchester Road at speed – crashing into a car.

Holmes suffered a head injury in the accident that could have been prevented had he not given his helmet to Joshua. Joshua sustained serious injuries to his leg and pelvis in the accident and underwent an eleven-hour operation at Leeds General Infirmary to reconstruct his leg.

An investigation into the accident revealed that Holmes only had a provisional driving licence and was not qualified to carry passengers on the pillion of his 125cc motorbike. He was charged with causing injury by dangerous driving and his case was heard earlier this week at Leeds Crown Court.

At the hearing, Judge Sally Cahill heard Holmes admit the charges of causing injury by dangerous driving and for failing to ride his motorbike in accordance with his provisional licence. Holmes acknowledged that the decision to offer Joshua a lift on the pillion of his motorcycle was both foolish and stupid.

The judge was told by Holmes´ barrister that he had not been drinking on the night of the accident and had previously led a responsible life. Judge Cahill gave Holmes a two-year suspended sentence, disqualified him from driving for a year and ordered him to do 200 hours community service. She also told Holmes that he would have to pay injured motorcycle passenger compensation of £2,000 to Joshua.

Compensation for a Brain Injury in a Motorbike Accident Approved in Court

Posted on: February 17th, 2015

A motorcyclist who was knocked off his bike by a negligent driver six years ago is to receive £10 million compensation for a brain injury in a motorbike accident.

Marcel Beasley (31) was riding his Yamaha R6 motorbike along the A453 in Nottinghamshire when, on 22nd May 2009, the driver of a car trapped in slow moving traffic attempted to do a u-turn immediately in front of the motorcyclist.

Marcel was catapulted across the bonnet of the car and landed in a ditch on the other side of the road. Due to the force of the impact, the strap on his crash helmet snapped, and Marcel suffered a severe brain injury as a result of the accident.

Marcel was airlifted to the to the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, where he spent several weeks in intensive care – much of which in a coma. He was subsequently transferred to the specialist brain injury unit at Richardson Mews in Northamptonshire, where he underwent fifteen months of treatment.

Due to the injuries sustained in the motorbike accident, Marcel now has limited mobility and is dependant of a wheelchair to move around. He has speech, cognitive ability and behaviour difficulties and has also lost the use of his left arm due to a brachial plexus injury.

As he was considered unable to represent himself, Marcel´s uncle – Cadell Beasley – made a claim for compensation for a brain injury in a motorbike accident against the driver of the car that had attempted the U-turn manoeuvre, Paul Alexander.

Alexander denied total liability for Marcel´s injuries – accusing him of travelling too fast for the road conditions and “filtering” in and out of the traffic. At the Royal Courts of Justice in 2012, the question of liability was resolved when Sir Raymond Jack found in Marcel´s favour.

The judge said that Marcel´s estimated speed at the time of the collision was 40mph – well within the 60mph speed limit – and that even if Marcel had been riding at a slower speed he would still have sustained serious injury. The judge also said that Alexander had a clear view behind him before attempting his manoeuvre, and that Marcel´s filtering had not been causative to the accident.

After resolving the negligence issue in the compensation claim for a brain injury in a motorbike accident, Sir Raymond Jack adjourned the case in order that an assessment of Marcel´s future needs could be made. Marcel received interim payments of compensation for a brain injury in a motorbike accident while the assessment was ongoing so that he could continue to receive treatment for his injuries.

The final settlement of Marcel´s claim for compensation for a brain injury in a motorbike accident was announced this week. The settlement is made up of a £4.2 million lump sum payment to be paid immediately plus annual tax-free index-linked payments of £175,000. The estimated total value of the claim is £10 million based on Marcel´s life expectancy. The settlement was approved by a High Court judge at the same time as it was announced.

Brain Damaged Cyclist Resolves Compensation Claim for Accident with Car in Oldham

Posted on: February 3rd, 2015

A man, who suffered serious brain damage when knocked from his bike on the A59, has resolved his compensation claim for an accident with a car in Oldham.

In September 2010, John Wellock (65) was cycling along the A62 in Oldham, when his bike was hit by a car that had pulled out in front of him. John was knocked from his bike and – despite wearing a cycling helmet – John suffered serious brain damage and was taken to hospital in a coma.

John remained in hospital for nine months – during which time he received extensive therapy and rehabilitation. He was allowed to return to his home in Mossley, Greater Manchester, only when his wife – Elaine – gave up her job to provide full-time care for her husband.

The negligent car driver who had pulled out in front of John was prosecuted for driving without due care and attention. He pleaded guilty to the charges in 2011 at Oldham Magistrates Court. After seeking legal advice, John made a compensation claim for an accident with a car in Oldham against the negligent driver´s insurance company.

The insurance company acknowledged their policyholder´s liability and after studies had been carried out to forecast John´s future care and support requirements, a £2 million settlement of his compensation claim for an accident with a car in Oldham was negotiated.

Speaking after the settlement of his compensation claim for an accident with a car in Oldham, John said: “I believe wearing a cycle helmet saved my life, I’ve been campaigning to try and make them compulsory for all. Anything that can be done to improve safety for cyclists is extremely important.”

The compensation settlement will allow John to continue receiving therapy and rehabilitation treatment while getting professional support and care from experts. Elaine – John´s wife – added “The settlement is a massive relief and a weight off our shoulders. We can now look to the future as we know that John’s care needs will be taken care of for the rest of his life”.

Compensation for Zebra Crossing Injuries Settled Out of Court after Negotiated Agreement

Posted on: October 6th, 2014

A claim for compensation for zebra crossing injuries has been settled out of court after the negligent party´s insurance company agreed to settle the claim in full.

In December 2011, Janet Churchley was crossing Carr Lane in Hull city centre when she was hit by a car whose driver had been distracted on the approach to the zebra crossing she had just stepped onto. The impact of the car broke Janet´s leg and, due to the way in which Janet fell, her arm was also broken in the accident.

Paramedics treated Janet with gas and air at the scene of the accident before she was taken to the Royal Hull Infirmary by ambulance. There Janet underwent surgery to ensure that her broken bones would knit back together properly and she was subsequently confined to a wheel chair for three months.

While she was recovering from her injuries, Janet was totally dependent on her husband for washing and dressing and carrying out daily chores. Janet attended her son´s wedding while still in the wheelchair and had to sleep downstairs on her sofa because it was the only way she could sleep comfortably with her leg outstretched.

Janet was unable to return to work for almost a year and, when she did so, found that she was only capable of working part-time. She also found that psychological scars from the accident manifested in anxiety whenever she had to cross a road and – after seeking legal advice – Janet claimed compensation for her zebra crossing injuries.

Although the driver of the car which hit Janet acknowledged that he had been distracted on the approach to the zebra crossing, his insurance company failed to agree to how much was being claimed for Janet´s loss of income. An interim settlement of compensation for zebra compensation injuries was arranged in order that Janet would not be out of pocket and after protracted negotiations the insurance company settled Janet´s claim for an undisclosed amount – believed to be in the high five figures.

Court Approves Settlement of Overseas Bike Accident Injury Compensation

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013

A court in Birmingham has approved a £6.1 million settlement of overseas bike accident injury compensation for a former sales director at IBM who was involved in a horrendous accident in Germany.

Shane Booth (39) from Solihull in the West Midlands was on a motorcycling holiday in Germany when the bike accident occurred in August 2009. As Shane and a colleague were returning to their accommodation in Baden-Baden, a tractor heading in the opposite direction turned left immediately across Shane´s path – giving Shane no opportunity to avoid a collision.

Shane suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries as a result of the accident, and brain damage so severe that he remained in a coma in a German hospital for several weeks before regaining consciousness and flying back to the UK to continue his recovery in Coventry Hospital.

As soon as he was sufficiently recovered, Shane was transferred to Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital, where spent two years in an intensive rehabilitation program to help him learn to walk again and recover his speech.

After seeking legal advice, Shane made a claim for overseas bike accident injury compensation against the driver of the tractor – who had been convicted of causing bodily harm by negligence after a police investigation had found him responsible for causing the accident.

With liability not in doubt, the only issue that remained to be resolved was how much injury compensation for an overseas bike accident Shane was entitled to for his personal injuries, the cost of his medical treatment and to recover his lost income and opportunities, as Shane will never be able to work again.

Eventually Shane´s overseas bike accident injury compensation claim was settled for £6.1 million and last week the settlement was approved by Birmingham High Court. Shane commented after the hearing “While I do get frustrated with needing support to do simple tasks, looking back at pictures of me, I recognise how extremely lucky I am to even be alive”.

Claim for Cyclists Injuries Resolved after 8 Years

Posted on: August 17th, 2013

A claim for a cyclists injuries has been resolved eight years after he sustained life-threatening injuries in a road traffic accident and following three court hearings.

Toby Phethean-Hubble was a sixteen-year-old teenager when, in November 2005, he cycled into the street to cross the road outside the Whitchurch Leisure Centre in Shropshire, and was knocked over by a car being driven by seventeen-year-old teenager Sam Coles.

Coles – who had passed his driving test only eight days earlier and who was driving his parent´s automatic car for the first time – admitted to police that he had seen Toby cycling along the pavement, but was unable to prevent the collision when Toby cycled off the pavement and onto the road. He also confessed to driving faster than the 30 miles-per-hour speed limit.

Toby suffered catastrophic brain injuries in the accident and it was feared that he may not live. However, following an operation to place a titanium plate in his head and years of physiotherapy at a specialist centre in North Devon, Toby can now walk again with the assistance of a walking frame.

Because he was too badly injured to represent himself, Toby made a compensation claim for cyclists injuries against Coles through his mother; but Coles´ insurance company denied that their client was responsible for causing the accident, and the compensation claim for cyclists injuries proceeded to court.

At the High Court in London In March 2011, Judge Wilcox found in Toby´s favour – but said that he should assume one-third liability for the accident due to his contributory negligence. Coles´ insurers appealed the decision and, in April 2012, the Appeal Court increased the deduction of compensation for cyclists injuries to one-half in respect of Toby´s own lack of care.

The Appeal Court case was subsequently adjourned to allow for the assessment of damages, and last week – in a further hearing at the High Court – Mr Justice Stewart approved a £5.3 million settlement Toby´s claim for cyclists injuries which will enable him to continue receiving treatment for his injuries at the North Devon rehabilitation centre.

Extension of MoJ Reforms will Allow Quicker Settlements of Personal Injury Claims

Posted on: August 5th, 2013

On 1st August 2013, changes to the Ministry of Justice´s claims portal program were introduced which should allow for quicker settlements of personal injury claims.

The changes relate to claims for personal injury compensation due to a road traffic accident, an injury at work or injuries sustained in a place of public access (public liability claims) which occur in England and Wales on or after 1st August 2013, and which have an anticipated value of less than £25,000.

Until these procedural changes were made, insurance companies could often delay settlements of personal injury claims by leaving the acknowledgement of a solicitor´s “Letter of Claim” – and failing to admit their policyholder´s liability – until the last possible moment.

Now, strict time limits have been introduced so that insurance companies have to acknowledge a Letter of Claim within 24 hours and advise the solicitor whether liability for a personal injury will be accepted or declined within 30 days (40 days for injuries at work).

This system replaces the old 90 day limit and insurance companies who fail to adhere to the new regulations will have the claim taken out of the cost-saving claims portal program with the insurance company liable for any additional expenses they incur whether they are successful in defending the claim or not.

The new procedures should enable claimants to receive settlements of personal injury claim much quicker; however there are several exceptions to the recently introduced regulations which include:-

  • Public liability claims against a private individual
  • Claims for food poisoning after eating in a restaurant
  • Claims due to a lack of care by more than one party
  • Any claim for an accident outside of England or Wales
  • Claims in which the defendant is uninsured or untraceable
  • Claims for medical malpractice or clinical negligence
  • Claims for compensation for contracting mesothelioma

The Ministry of Justice reforms do not affect the Statute of Limitations – which determines long you have to make a claim for personal injury compensation after discovering that an injury has been sustained – and only apply to accidents which have occurred or injuries which have been diagnosed on or after 1st August 2013.

If you have any questions regarding how the quicker settlements of personal injury claims may affect you or your entitlement to personal injury compensation, you are advised to speak with a claims solicitor at the first possible moment.

£7 Million Motorcycle Passenger Injury Compensation Approved in High Court

Posted on: July 19th, 2013

A High Court judge has approved a claims settlement of £7 million in motorcycle passenger injury compensation for a Brazilian woman who suffered devastating brain injuries in an accident in London.

Barbara Oliva sustained her injuries while a pillion passenger on her husband´s Honda while the two were sightseeing London as part of an extended honeymoon in 2008. As Barbara´s husband – Andre – was driving along London´s Embankment, the motorcycle was hit by a car which was being driven erratically by Yusef Mahmoud, of Southwark, London.

Andre Oliva escaped from the accident with minor injuries but Barbara, despite wearing a crash helmet, suffered extensive brain damage after hitting her head as she fell. Barbara returned to the family home in Sao Paulo after receiving treatment in London, and now relies on her mother to provide care for her as Barbara and Andre separated after the accident.

Through her mother, Barbara made a claim for motorcycle passenger injury compensation and, at the High Court in London, Mr Justice Lewis heard that Mahmoud´s insurers had been paying interim payments of motorcycle passenger injury compensation to Barbara´s family, but now the parties had agreed on a final settlement of £7 million.

Approving the settlement, Mr Justice Lewis said that it was “just and reasonable” in the circumstances and the judge also had words to say for Barbara´s mother – Edna – praising her for the devotion she had shown her daughter since Barbara´s return to Brazil.

Bus Injury Accident Compensation of Almost £17k Paid Out

Posted on: July 6th, 2012

Megan Ledden, now 14 years old, has been awarded almost £17,000 in damages at the Circuit Civil Court in a case against the owner of a minibus following an incident where she was struck in the head by a wing mirror.

The bus accident involving the bus occurred in March 2007 on a pedestrian crossing on Old Finglas Road. Ms Ledden was knocked unconscious after she fell back and her head hit the ground. She suffered a laceration on the right side of her forehead and some bruising to her knee. This lead to a permanent faint scarring under the hairline on her forehead, although it is not visible.

The bus injury accident compensation settlement was approved by Mr Justice Matthew Deery approved who also awarded legal costs to Ms Ledden.