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Cyclist Crash with Road Sign Results in 5,000 Pounds Compensation

Posted on: February 12th, 2011

A Bournemouth cyclist is to receive 5,000 pounds in cyclist crash with road sign compensation from the Borough of Poole, after suffering an injury when crashing into an unlit temporary road works sign.

Bournemouth County Court heard how Mr. Roger Excell, a machine engraver from Bournemouth, was cycling to work along a dedicated cycle path in the early hours of August 14, 2007, when  he crashed into the sign which had been left unlit on the path adjacent to Canford Way in Poole.

Despite having a strong headlight on his bike, Mr. Excell claimed that he did not see the sign until it was too late to avoid it. The impact from the collision split Mr. Excell’s helmet, caused an injury to his elbow and torn muscles and ligaments in groin and legs.

The court was told that Mr. Excell was unable to walk properly for months after the accident – having to use a Zimmer frame and walking stick for support, and undergoing a brain scan as a precaution against more severe injuries. Mr. Excell also had to take a week away from work during which time his wife, who suffers from arthritis, had to care for him and perform the daily household chores he was unable to do.

Making the cyclist crash with road sign compesnation award of 5,000 pounds and ordering the Borough of Poole to pay a further 8,000 in costs, the judge at Bournemouth County Court said he wanted to make it clear that they (the Borough of Poole) have a responsibility to protect cyclists and other path users.