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Cyclist Fall Compensation of 2,000 Pounds for Pothole Injury

Posted on: April 22nd, 2011

A Yorkshire cyclist, who suffered cuts and bruises when falling from his bike due to a pothole in the road, has received 2,000 pounds in cyclist fall compensation in an out of court settlement.

Peter Lodge (52) of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, was cycling close to his home in October 2008, when the front wheel his bike hit a pothole in the road and he was thrown over the handlebars. Though Peter´s injuries were not serious, as a member of Cyclist´s Tourist Club (CTC) he felt that action should be taken considering the poor state of the road.

As the pothole had been formed around a Yorkshire Water valve, it was ruled that Yorkshire Water were responsible for maintaining that particular part of the road in a safe condition and, supported by the CTC, Peter took legal action against the water company.

Peter has now been awarded 2,000 pounds in cyclist fall compensation, and the pothole has been repaired.