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Gum Disease Oversight Compensation Award of 10,000 Pounds

Posted on: October 18th, 2010

A woman whose dentist did not notice her gum disease has settled a compensation claim for 10,000 pounds after losing six teeth.

Victoria Walker (34) of Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, has won a five-figure gum disease oversight compensation settlement against a Newcastle dentist after visiting a new dentist when she moved in August 2005, who discovered a severe case of gum disease due to dental neglect.

Victoria had visited her previous dentist every six months over a time period of three years and, despite having regular x-rays as part of her treatment, the gum disease and several other oral problems were never identified.

Remedial treatment involved a deep cleansing process which required four sessions with her new dentist and the removal of six teeth to access the diseased area. Victoria took legal guidance, and a compensation settlement of 10,000 pounds was agreed.