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Hearing Loss Compensation for ex-Employees of Truck Company

Posted on: January 25th, 2011

At least 60 ex-employees of Foden Trucks are to receive work claims compensation payments for loss of hearing sustained due to high levels of noise at the Sandbach, Staffordshire, factory.

The previous insurance company of the now-closed Foden Trucks factory have agreed to make work claims compensation payments to former employees who can show they have suffered a hearing impairment due to working in the noisy environment between 1959 and 2001.

In the case for the previous employees, it was claimed that they were exposed to high levels of noise from a variety of air-powered hand tools with no hearing protection. Many people who had been employed for a long period of time on the factory floor now suffer various degrees of tinnitus and other hearing loss complaints.

Individual amounts of hearing loss work claims compensation are yet to be announced, and the process could be delayed due to the need for independent medical examination and the expectation that more former employees of the ex-truck manufacturers may still come forward.