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Families Instruct Solicitor to Make Injury Claim for a Coach Accident on Holiday

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015

Two families from the north-west have instructed a solicitor to make an injury claim for a coach accident on holiday after being involved in a serious crash.

The Hannah family from Ormskirk in Lancashire and their friends – the Rothwell-Bowness family from Aughton in Lancashire – were passengers on a coach transfer from the ski resort of La Rosière in south-east France to Chambéry Airport when, on 4th January 2015, the coach left the road, overturned and came to rest against guard rails preventing the coach from falling down a sheer drop into a ravine.

French police are still investigating the cause of the near-fatal accident in which the parents of both families suffered serious injuries. Fortunately the children of the two families suffered escaped with only minor injuries, but all the thirty-two British tourists travelling on the coach transfer are considered lucky to be alive.

Katie Hannah (40) suffered terrible cuts and bruising, and has still to undergo surgery to remove fragments of glass that remain embedded in her right arm. She has extensive physical scarring which is likely to be permanent, and significant psychological scarring according to her solicitor.

Katie´s husband, Gary (44) is still undergoing treatment for nerve damage to his right shoulder. It is not yet known whether or not he will regain the full movement of his right arm in time; while Sarah Rothwell-Bowness (42) suffered extensive cuts on her right forearm and hand, and a broken wrist.

Sarah has had operations in both France and in Lancashire to heal the damage to her hand and wrist, and she is scheduled to have further surgery next year to remove the pins used to keep her right wrist in place. Sarah has been told that she might never regain the full use of her right hand.

The two families have instructed a solicitor to investigate the cause of the crash and to see if more could have been done to prevent it. If the accident is attributable to driver error, they will be able to make an injury claim for a coach accident on holiday against the tour operator through whom the skiing vacation was booked – Esprit Holidays of Godalming in Surrey.

Talking to her local press about the injury claim for a coach accident on holiday, Sarah said: We had a great trip in France but the day of the crash has to be one of the worst of my life. We all simply want to know what happened and what can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The last few months have been the most difficult time of my life and I would not want anyone to have to face what I’ve been through.”