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Marks and Spencers Compensate Broken Hip Slip Victim

Posted on: September 4th, 2010

An elderly customer has been awarded 7,500 pounds in broken hip slip compensation after breaking her hip when slipping on a prawn cocktail in her local Marks and Spencers store.

Janet Morritt, aged 71, from Perth, Scotland, was grocery shopping at the Marks and Spencer store in High Street, Perth, when she slipped on a greasy mixture of water and a prawn cocktail which had leaked from a nearby chilled food cabinet.

Janet fell to the ground, breaking her hip and requiring the insertion of a plate and screws during the resulting eight days spent in hospital. She now mustwalk with the aid of a stick and requires a wheelchair if making long journeys.

The MacMillan Cancer volunteer sought legal guidance and sued Marks and Spencers for “fault and negligence”, claiming that it was their duty to take reasonable care for the safety of their customers and not expose them to unnecessary risk of injury.

Marks and Spencer sargued the claim, stating that Janet had a duty to watch where she placed her feet, however Perth Sheriff Court ruled out the counterclaim of contributory negligence and found against the chain store – awarding Janet 7,500 pounds compensation.