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Medical Negligence Claim Settled for Misdiagnosed Spinal Injury

Posted on: November 10th, 2011

A 25 year old man, whose schoolboy spinal injury was overlooked eleven years ago – leading to years of pain and difficulty with walking – has settled his medical negligence claim with the Tameside Hospital in Manchester in an undisclosed out-of-court settlement.  

Liam Careless of Stalybridge, Manchester, was twelve years of age when he attended the Accident and Emergency department of the Tameside Hospital complaining of feelings of paralysis on his neck. Liam was x-rayed, kept in overnight and discharged from hospital the next day with a neck collar for support.

However, after four years of suffering from shooting pains in his neck, a further x-ray revealed that the serious damage to Liam´s spine had been overlooked – damage which could have been resolved with prompt surgery at the time of his original complaint.

Now facing with a lifetime of pain, a weak neck and difficulty with walking, Liam sought legal advice and brought a hospital negligence claim against the Tameside Hospital. The Tameside Hospital admitted that they were liable for the error and offered Liam a six figure sum in compensation to provide ongoing care.