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Mum, Hit by Ambulance, Awarded 18,500 Pounds Traffic Accident Claims Compensation

Posted on: April 30th, 2011

A mother, who was hit by an ambulance while driving to collect her daughter from work, has been awarded 18,500 pounds in traffic accident claims compensation by Middlesbrough County Court.

Caron Lake (49) from Kirkleatham, Cleveland, was on her way to collect her daughter, Erin (17), from her job at the Kirkleatham Museum near Redcar, when she was hit by an ambulance car driven by experienced ambulance driver Colin Hayden.

Mr Hayden had stated after the incident, which left Caron with back injuries, that he was not sure he had his siren on at the time, because he often turned it off on quiet roads. He also said that he had expected that Caron was going to pull over to the left hand side of the road despite her right hand indicator flashing.

However in court Mr Hayden denied having made his admission of liability and Caron´s counsel had to remind him that he also said that he assumed Caron would not turn into the museum entrance as it was closed.

Deputy District Judge Glenday ruled against North East Ambulance Service Trust, who owned the ambulance driven by Mr Hayden, and awarded Caron 6,000 pounds in damages and 12,500 pounds in costs.