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Nursery Worker Compensated for Council Negligence

Posted on: December 3rd, 2010

A children’s nursery worker, who suffered debilitating injuries when she was crushed under a falling metal door, has received an undisclosed compensation settlement.

Beverley Hampshire (47) from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was eworking at Sheffield City Council’s First Start Children’s Centre as a children’s nursery officer. She was fetching play equipment for the children in her care, when the metal door of the outdoor shed in which the equipment was kept fell from its hinges and struck her.

Beverley lifted her arms to protect her head as the door fell, and sustained injuries to her wrist, forearm, shoulder and neck. Beverley was then diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and regional pain syndrome, which causes regular pain and limits normal day to day activities.

After taking legal guidance, Beverley sued Sheffield City Council for failing to provide a safe working environment and, in an out-of-court settlement, was awarded an undisclosed amount of compensation to account for her physical trauma and subsequent loss of earnings.