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Paper Worker Hand Injury Award of 300,000 Pounds Compensation

Posted on: February 11th, 2011

A factory worker from Kendall, Lancashire, whose hand and arm were crushed in a paper manufacturing machine, has agreed a paper worker hand injury compensation settlement of 300,000 pounds.

Wayne Miller, 48, was a worker at James Cropper PLC in June 2008, and had been attempting to fix a paper roller at their premises in Burnside, Lancashire, when part of his left sleeve became caught in the machinery dragging his hand and arm between the rollers.

The accident caused Mr. Miller to sustain friction burns which ripped nerves from his wrist, and left him requiring skin grafts and reconstructive surgery. His injuries have left him with no grip in the affected hand and stop him from doing any other manual job.

James Cropper PLC admitted liability for Mr. Miller’s injuries but alleged that the accident occurred because Mr. Miller had chosen to work alone in contradiction to the company’s health and safety policy, and that he had also removed guarding from his machine in order to attempt the repair.

The settlement, which was negotiated outside of court, was reduced from the amount initially claimed of 375,000 pounds to 300,000 pounds due to this contributory negligence, and James Cropper PLC have now installed safety guards on all their machinery to prevent a re-occurrence.

The Health and Safety Executive have yet to give their final review on this accident.