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Passenger in Car Accident Awarded £4m Compensation

Posted on: May 8th, 2011

One of the highest compensation settlements for passenger in a car accident was handed out when Ms Caroline Bogue was awarded £4m at the High Court.

Ms Bogue, was awarded a settlement of over £4 million in a High Court settlement after an uninsured vehicle in which she was travelling as a passenger crashed into a tree, resulting in severe injuries. Caroline Bogue suffered brain damage and will require everyday assistance for the rest of her life.

The incident occured on May 1st, 2003, when Caroline Bogue was 17 years of age.

The passenger in car accident compensation action was taken against the car driver Declan Brogue, the car ower Ciaran Bogue, and the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland. Liability was denied in the case on the grounds that Caroline Bogue was aware that car was uninsured and was allegedly taken without the permission of the owner. The compensation settlement was made without any party admitting liability.

Mr Justice John Quirke said that the case emphasised the need for an alternative system of staged payments in personal injuries cases.