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Pensioner Receives 3,100 Pounds Pothole Trip Compensation

Posted on: September 6th, 2011

A pensioner, who broke his wrist when tripping over a pothole, has accepted an offer of 3,100 pounds in pothole trip compensation from Basildon Council.

Terence Wakefield (78) from Wickford, Essex, was at his local market in June 2010 when he tripped over a three inch pothole in the street. Extending his hand to break his fall, Terence landed heavily on his wrist and fractured it.

Mr Wakefield spent the following six weeks with his arm in a cast and had to have extensive therapy on the wrist when the plaster was removed – during which time he was unable to ride his bicycle or partake in many of his regular hobbies.

Terence took a claim for personal injury compensation against Basildon Council, who were responsible for this section of the public footpath and, admitting liability for their negligence, settled Terence´s claim in the amount of 3,100 pounds.

Despite the settlement, it has been alleged by the victim that there are still twenty or more potholes in the area of Wickford Market, and he knows of three similar claims against the council who are yet to fulfil their obligations and maintain a safe passageway for pedestrians.