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Police Dog Bites Compensation Analysed by BBC

Posted on: March 15th, 2011

A report compiled for the BBC radio program “You and Yours” has analysed payments of police dog bites compensation made by various police forces throughout the country.

The program found that over 770,000 pounds has been paid in compensation for police dog bites over the past three years, with the Greater Manchester Police Force being responsible for the largest total of police dog bites compensation paid at 180,743 pounds.

The statistics, which were supplied in response to a Freedom of Information request, show that of those making a claim for police dog bite compensation, 2,725 were suspects, 155 were members of the public and 196 police dog bite compensation claims were made by police staff.

When shown the figures on the program, Assistant Chief Constable Nick Ingram said: “Police dogs are a valuable and essential resource which, when used effectively, make a valuable contribution to reducing and detecting crime and disorder and building safer communities.”