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Soldier´s Compensation for Loss of Hearing Settled Out of Court

Posted on: July 9th, 2012

A former soldier, who was forced to leave the armed forces due to sustaining a hearing injury, is to receive compensation for soldier´s loss of hearing after an out of court settlement was agreed between his legal team and the Ministry of Defence.

Michael Lee (26) had joined the armed forces in 2003 at the age of eighteen and had intended to remain a career soldier until age forty. However, in 2009 the Lance Corporal was diagnosed with permanent bilateral hearing loss of 15dB and downgraded for promotional purposes. He was discharged from the armed services during 2011.

After seeking legal advice, Michael made a claim for soldier´s compensation for loss of hearing as, he alleged in his claim, his injury was attributable to excessive levels of noise at prolonged drum and bugle practice between 2004 and 2008.

The Ministry of Defence admitted liability for his (Michael´s) injury and a negotiated settlement of compensation for soldier´s loss of hearing was agreed to account for Michael´s relatively young age, his loss of future earnings and pension, and future expenses related to hearing aids.

The award of 300,000 pounds is in line with other recent settlements for soldier´s compensation for loss of hearing, including Charles Bradlaugh (22) – who received 330,000 pounds after suffering a hearing injury on a practise exercise in which ear plugs were not provided in 2004.