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Street Cleaner Cut Finger Award of 3000 Pounds

Posted on: October 22nd, 2010

Hull City Council has been told to pay 3,000 pounds to a street cleaner, injured when provided with inappropriate gloves.

Steven Threlfall, (45) from Bransholme, Yorkshire, was working with Hull City Council as a street cleaner when he cut his finger on a sharp piece of metal left in a bin bag.

The accident, which happened in May 2006, severed the ligament in his little finger, leaving him with a permanently crooked digit and unable to grip properly with his left hand.

After seeking legal guidance, Steven decided to submit a compensation claim for his injury on the basis that the gloves provided by the council were inappropriate for the job and offered insufficient protection.

Hull City Council refuted that they were liable for the injury, but has now been ordered to pay 3,000 pounds in compensation to Steven by London’s Civil Appeal Court.