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Welder’s 12,000 Pounds Work Claims Compensation for Hearing Damage

Posted on: October 22nd, 2010

A Midlands welder, who suffered 50 per cent hearing loss after prolonged exposure to noise in a manufacturing plant, has been awarded 12,000 pounds work claims compensation from his former employer.

Stephen Rothwell (50) of Middlewich, Cheshire, had been employed at Henry Smith Constructional Engineering from when he left school in 1976 until 2003. As part of his role, he had to weld steel plates in the noisy steel fabrication plant in Winsford, Cheshire.

However, Stephen was never told that he should have protection for his hearing, and none was ever provided. Due to this, Stephen developed tinnitus and lost 50 per cent of his hearing – he now uses hearing aids in both ears.

After seeking legal guidance, Stephen was tested by audiologists, and a claim was made against his former employers. He has now received 12,000 pounds in work claims compensation after Henry Smith Constructional Engineering admitted liability for the hearing damage.