Contact Us

If you wish to contact us, there are two very simple means of communication.

1 – You can call our freephone injury claims advice service on seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

2 – You can complete your contact details and a convenient time at which to speak with us on one of the call-back forms which appear to the side of each page on our web site.

Both methods of contacting us will enable you to discuss making a claim for personal injury compensation in the UK with an experienced solicitor who will evaluate your case and let you know if you have a personal injury compensation claim which it is worth your while to pursue.

Before You Contact Us

Before you contact us, it is often a good idea to write down a few questions that you might like to ask us and a few relevant facts about how you or somebody close to you has been affected by an injury or loss. We often find that during the course of a conversation, clients think of new questions and forget to ask the ones which were important to them when they picked up the phone. Of course, if you do find that there is something you omitted to ask us, you are welcome to call again.

Solicitors are Human Too

For many people who call our freephone injury claims advice service, this is the first time they have ever spoken with a personal injury solicitor and they do not know what to expect. The solicitors who provide a service have many years experience of handling claims for personal injury claims in the UK and understand that you may be apprehensive, nervous, angry or distraught (or a mixture of all these emotions) and in pain at the same time. You will find us courteous, understanding and – most of all – human.

Many of us have had personal experience of a friend or family member who has sustained a loss or injury through no fault of their own, and we acknowledge that it is a very difficult time for you and everybody dear to you. Please do not let a fear of the unknown dissuade you from calling us – you may be very relieved once you have!