Terms of Use

Every day, hundreds of people sustain a loss or injury due to a third party┬┤s negligence and many of those people turn to web sites to seek advice on pursuing personal injury compensation in the UK. It is important that when you do refer to this web site, you understand our Terms of Use.

A First Line of Information

First of all, the web site has been established as a first line of information to people who are considering a compensation claim in the UK. As such, it is impossible to offer precise advice for each unique set of circumstances and, in all cases, we strongly recommend that you seek individual counsel from an experienced personal injury solicitor.


Consequently, the advice on this web site should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional medical or legal advice, and the service accepts no liability for any action undertaken in reliance on the information provided on this site. The service also disclaims all warranties or responsibilities for loss, injury, claim or damage of any kind resulting from material published on this web site.